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0-3 month

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3-6 month

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6-9 month

Trimeszter doboz
Our company provides vitamins and nutritional supplements containing organic minerals for women planning a baby and pregnant women according to trimesters, the developmental stages of pregnancy. The product family contains iron, magnesium, copper and zinc in organic form. It contains calcium in organic form.
1 box contains: 60 pills
Recommended daily allowance: 2 pills
Swallow with plenty of liquid after meals.

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Trimeszter Szabadalmi Matrica

Our company provides vitamins and nutritional supplements containing vitamins, as well as mainly organic minerals and trace elements for expectant mothers, for the developmental stages of pregnancy, the third trimester of pregnancy.

Expectant mothers are recommended to have a high-quality, well-balanced mixed diet!


With 5 types of organic minerals!

Active agents in two pills (NRV%*)
Vitamin A 1000 µg (125%)
Vitamin C 120 mg (150%)
Vitamin D3 5 µg (100%)
Vitamin E 16 mg (133,33%)
Vitamin B6 (Piridoxin) 1,9 mg (135,71%)
Folid acid 500 µg (250%)
Biotin 60 µg (120%)
Iron 30 mg (214,29%)
Iodine 240 µg (160%)
Magnesium 150 mg (40%)
Calcium 170 mg (21,25%)
Phosphor 105 mg (15%)
Zinc 17 mg (170%)
Copper 2000 µg (200%)

In fact, the NRV values refer to the minimal (!) intake that majority of the population needs to prevent illnesses. The NRV (earlier: RDA) is the abbreviation of the term Nutrient Reference Value.

79,8 g / 60 pills

Ingredients: magnesium-citrate, ferrous gluconate, calcium-citrate, zinc-citrate, copper gluconate, ascorbic acid, glazer (stearic acid), modified starch, DL-alpha tocopherol acetate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, stabilizer (polyvinylpyrrolidone), anti-caking agent (magnesium-stearate), sucrose (1.7 mg/pill)

The product does not contain colouring matter!

Why choose TRIMESZTER?

...because your baby deserves care...

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